Find product-market fit before your competitors.

Here's the reality


Half of all app users stop using an app within the first month. That's not okay.


92% of consumers read online reviews. Make yours shine.


It's easier to delete your app than to provide you with feedback. Let's change that.

Stop building upgrades that no one wants. You're losing users quicker than you acquire them. That's expensive and could be fatal to your business. Strengthen your community and move faster than your competitors.

How it works

1- Install in five minutes.

HintPod exists directly inside your mobile app providing a seamless integration for your users.

We made it really easy to add HintPod inside your app by following our docs.

2- Get feature requests directly inside your app.

Say goodbye to the days when users were redirected onto another app or website. Hintpod removes the unnecessary burden of emails, surveys and website forms that users have to go through when sending you a feature request.

3- Engage with your users.

Engage with your users by leaving comments and questions. See their answers directly inside your app.

Don't build your community on another social media website. Build it right here, inside your app.

You're good to go!

  • ✅ Install HintPod into your app using just three lines of code. Easy.

  • ✅ With Hintpod, your users can add suggestions with just one tap. Peasy.

  • ✅ Build a better app for all your users. Lemon Squeezy.

User requests don't dictate your roadmap.

It's up to you to decide which features to implement. You can also hide suggestions for moderation purposes.

With Hintpod, we help you make decisions by giving you more data related to the choices you have to make. User requests are valuable. Make use of them.